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Get into Level 2 Workshop

You know the basics of pole dancing, you have learned some spins, you can easily invert but inverted poses with extended arms or flexibility move on the pole can are still challenging? 
You still need to work on your shoulder mount or side mount?
This is the class for you. You will learn new beautiful ways to invert and get started with body-holds combined with stretches.
Fom Extended Butterfly to Aisha, learn new figures and combos to push yourself one level further.
You can book this workshop after the ” Level 1″ workshop if you want but we mostly advise this class for our regular students who want to get to the next level for their weekly class. 

Next dates:
23.03.2024 13:00-15:00 BOOK HERE
08.06.2024 13:00-15:00 BOOK HERE
21.09.2024 15:00-17:00 BOOK HERE

Preis 40€
USC-Member 30 € + 1 Check-In
Studio Member 30 €

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