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You’re on vacations and want to spice up the evening a little bit?
However you’re not sure about how to remove some pieces of clothes in a sexy way or there are parts of your body that you feel uncomfortable about…
Let us show you some tricks from professionals, that help you having smooth moves and highlight your favourite body parts while concealing others.

Your Outfit: 
In the summer we tend to wear beach dresses, skirts & tops, shorts or capris with a bikini or coordinated underwear underneath.
For shoes, i always recommend a bit of heels to accentuate your natural curves but it could be sandals, wedges or even heeled-flipflop if you wish.

Possible accessories:
Ice cubes, cut fruits, beach wrap, textile belt, sun oil, ice cream…
No need to bring them to the class, those are just ideas which will be explained in the workshop.

Next Session: July 22th, 2023
12:00-15:00 Uhr
Location: Kleine Witschgasse 8
Price: 120,00 € (Members 100,00 €)


Please note our terms and conditions for workshops “General Terms and Conditions for the Registration of Workshops


You never know what to give for Valentines Day? how about something very personalised? Like yourself in a private show…
Learn the art of striptease with a twist of 50 shades and explore a side of yourself that you both don’t know yet for a fun evening…
Cosplay is also allowed !

Your Outfit: 
For Valentines Day, this year we want to explore your dominant side, so I would advise the use of Leather/Vinyl/Latex for your outfit.
Go for small pieces (a catsuit is too hard to remove elegantly for a beginner): Skirt or shorts with a separate top or bra and eventually a corset as well, that you can keep on all night.
For shoes, go for luscious hot heels, you don’t need to wear them during the full show but if they turn you on, they will work on him/her as well…

Possible accessories:
You can use the classic “food accessories” as well, but for this special one, we would like to explore different kind of toys…
How do you feel about ropes, handcuffs, whips and wax?
It’s fine if you don’t have your own for the class, we have extras in the studio but if one of those interest you, it would be clever to have it in your bedside table, just in case.

Next Session: January 27st, 2024
15:00-18:00 Uhr
Location: Kleine Witschgasse 8
Price: 120,00 € (Members 90,00 €)

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Please note our terms and conditions for workshops “General Terms and Conditions for the Registration of Workshops

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