Terms & Conditions for Girly Nights

§ 1 General terms & conditions

You can only attend a Girly Night class when you’ve booked it in advance and paid the booking fee!
To secure an appointment see the conditions of registration below.
Girly Nights can be booked on fridays from 4pm to 10pm and on saturdays from 11am to 7pm.
The exact address of your class is written in your booking confirmation.

For every class you need a sport outfit unless stated otherwise in the description.
For beginners in pole dance, the lenght of your pants doesn’t matter but no leggings please!
(We will need your bear skin to hold the pole between your laps a few times during the class)
You can train in socks, high heels or barefoot.
For Heels Class, Lapdance and Burlesque we recommend to bring a pair of high heel shoes.
Please do not forget a big bottle of water and a snack to survive the full day of training.

§ 2 Conditions of registration:

To reserve a spot for a Girly Night, please register in writing by sending us an e-mail to girlynights@cologne-polefitness.com at least 6 to 8 weeks before the class. Especially between April and July

We’ll need the following information:

– Name and surname of the organisator
– a cell phone number and e-mail address
– the amount of participant (including the ones “only watching”)
– the wished day and eventually time.
– the chosen option and eventual extras.
– the preferred language (our trainers can teaching in English, German, Spanish, French and for twerking also in Russian)
Be aware that each person present in the room is considered as a participant, no matter if they dance or not!

We request a pre-payment of 150€ for reserving a room and a trainer for your group.
A booking is complete once your payment has been received.
Payment is done via bank transfer, Paypal or in cash at the studio.

§ 3 Cancellations:

3 A – Complete cancellations

A booked appointment can be cancelled by you at any time. These complete cancellations must be submitted to us either by e-mail or by post.
For cancellations up to 8 weeks before the date we will refund the full deposit, but we will keep a compensation of 50,- €, please understand that the person who works in the office and answers all your mails, still needs to get a salary.
Cancellations less than 8 weeks to 30 days before the date will be refunded 50% of the deposit. From 29 days to 14 days before the date, the deposit can no longer be refunded. For cancellations with less than 14 days notice, the entire agreed amount for the appointment is due on the day of the planned performance. The difference between the agreed amount and the deposit already paid must be transferred or paid in cash within 10 days.

Cancellation due to Covid:
if you need to rebook due to Covid, the change of date is for free.
For a full cancellation, a 50€ administrative fee will be applied to your refund.


3 B – Change and cancellation of the number of persons

We plan the rooms and equipment according to the number of persons booked, therefore we need the final number of persons at least 15 days before the booked date. Please inform us of this by e-mail at the latest by this date.
At the latest 15 days before the booked date, persons can be cancelled free of charge. If individual participants of the group are cancelled after this date, only 50% of the amount for the respective participant can be refunded. The same applies to participants who are unable to participate due to illness, for example.
Cancellations of individual participants must be received by us by e-mail at least 72 hours before the Girly Night. Then we can still refund the 50 % per cancelled participant. Cancellations after this deadline can no longer be considered and the full price must be paid by the participants.
If there are more participants coming than expected, we ask you to notify us immediately.

§ 4 Rebooking

If the date needs to be rebooked, we can change to a new date if there is a possibility. For a rebooking from 30 days to 15 days before the originally reserved date, a payment of 50,- € is due additionally. A rebooking with less than 15 days lead time cannot be made, in this case the date is considered as cancelled by you if you do not take it

Rebooking due to Covid measures:
Any workshop that has been cancelled during the lockdown can be rebooked for the next 3 years after the original date for free.
Contact us to book it new.
Those workshop will not be refunded.

§ 5 Behaviour rules:

We expect our customers to be respectful to our team and studio.

In the contrary case or if your group is too drunk for a class, the trainer may interrupt the class in the middle and the group sent away. His/her decision is final.

Then, the full class fee will be requested to be paid without any possible discount.

§ 6 Short notice registration:

If you only can decide spontaneously to book a Girly Night: our homepage is usually up to date but please enquire via email if there are still spots available.

If you register with short notice you are required to pay within 48 hours before the course in cash in the studio or per Paypal.

Actualised on Januar 2019

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