Our program for this year’s Pride Month!


– 90’s Gogo dance workout – we prepared a little choreography for the CSD parade and will teach it in this class!
– Heels & feminine movement class – with or without high heels, in this class you learn to move and dance in a feminine way

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6 July Summer Photowalk – this is a free public event, come as you are!
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7 July Mad Alice Picnic

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27 July Bring your friend day – times available:
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17:00 – 18:00 book here

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Cologne Pride đŸłïžâ€đŸŒˆ The Parade đŸłïžâ€âš§ïž 21 July

Like every year, our studio walks the demonstration for freedom, equality and acceptance.
Our Pole Studio turns into a Transgender Femme Studio on week-ends under
We decided to walk in Transgender Colours with all our students who support the transgender and gender fluid community. You can mix all the colors or choose one.

For this year, we are proud to annouce that we have a sponsor, with whom we prepared a lot. We will have our own truck with spaces for 15 performers and loads of deko, bubble machine, DJ etc.!

If you want to join the walking group or are interested in performing, please first contact CĂ©line under +49 152 02 14 74 03 or via mail under info@cologne-polefitness.com.
You will be put in a WhatsApp group, so the planning and coordination is easier. We have limited spaces so be quick and join us with some friends 💕 we’d love to meet you.

We also have a little choreography planned, which we teach at the Gogo Workout class every friday at the Main Studio!

Feel free to also bring flags, ribbons, water pistols, and most important: fresh drinks and maybe some snacks! Usually the weather is really good and we can keep an amount of drinks fresh and chilled. You have an opportunity to put your bag on the truck as well.

For more information and details, text CĂ©line and she will add you to the group, so we can plan have a wonderful parade together! We can’t wait!

You can finde some impressions of the last years further down on this site…

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